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Prior to the creation of FEMA established in the late 1980ís, it was called Civil Defense. From the establishment of the Office of Civilian Defense in 1941 and during the cold war era, each state had to have a Civil Defense Agency. The Civil defense unit is a non-military effort to defend civilian society from military attack. Like NEMA today, it too had four basic tasks: mitigation, preparation, response, and recovery of local municipalities.

NEMA Today

NEMA is an agency responsible for the development and implementation of a comprehensive emergency program for Newburyport Massachusetts. This Plan addresses disaster mitigation, planning and preparedness, response to, and recovery from large-scale emergencies and disasters that may affect our local area. The agency is also responsible for the coordination of the municipality's efforts to respond to, severe emergency and disaster situations affecting the community, whether natural or man-made.  The agency is made up mostly of volunteers that receive professional training in order to carry out their roles and responsibilities. This Agency takes direction from MEMA (Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency) and by FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency).

Our NEMA Division

 Are we City, State or Federal?

EOCís in the State of Massachusetts are in a way, all three. FEMA is the Federal Division of Emergency Management. Required by Federal Government, each state is to hold an office. MEMA (located in Framingham) is this states division of Emergency Management (S.E.O.C. ĖState Emergency Operating Center) and each city and town in Massachusetts is required to hold itís own office for response to local events or disasters. Massachusetts under the control of headquarters In Framingham had broken out the state to sub regions. We are in Region 1 reporting to Tewksbury.

Our EOC is for the city of Newburyport and Plum Island. The city of Newburyport provides this EOC with some building utilities (electricity, water and sewer), basic equipment/items (telephones, Official vehicle registration, etc.) and a simple yearly budget. A director is hired by the city to oversee operations.




Newburyport Office of Emergency Management   59 Low St.  Newburyport Ma 01950   ( 978) 465-4424

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